"We believe that every person is an individual and therefore they deserve a great haircut that will enhance their look, suit their personality and be easy to recreate at home".

Tara Hoiles - Salon Director

UK-born stylist Tara Hoiles started her career in London, where she trained with renowned ex-Vidal Sassoon haircutter Clive Coleman (founder of Burlington Haircutters). Tara mastered her precision cutting techniques while working in London and participating in high-profile hair shows, often working with famous clients and models.

After moving to Sydney in 1998, she worked as salon manager and educator at internationally recognised and award-winning salon Antony Whitaker Hairdressing in Paddington, where she helped to train other haircutters and gained a loyal clientele.

Tara decided to strike out on her own, and in September 2005, Topiary Haircutters was born.

Michelle Dempsey - Salon Technician

Michelle Dempsey is an Aussie girl and like all good Aussies, travelled the world. Whilst on her travels she trained and honed her skills with the best New York and London colourists.

She has over twenty years experience in her field and has worked at some of the best Australian hair salons renowned for their colour expertise, such as Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads and the infamous Kathy Gilbert.

Michelle has attracted a close and loyal following but is always happy to offer her expertise to any new client.


After moving to Sydney I spent a few years looking for a really good haircutter, and I finally found Tara at Antony Whitaker around 12 years ago – and I’ve been going to her ever since.

I used to get my hair cut at the Vidal Sassoon salon in Toronto where they used me as a hair model, so I was used to getting really great, precise cuts, but I found it hard to find that same quality here. That’s why I was so happy when I found Tara, because she has that same technique and skill.

What’s even better is that you couldn’t meet a nicer person! Tara has gotten to know me and my hair and it’s always a pleasure to get a haircut with her.

Josie Chun, Sydney

I grew up with an award winning hair stylist in Denmark so I was used to having great haircuts that emphasised my own style. Moving to Australia was traumatic as I needed to find another stylist just as good. My search was finally over when I met Tara probably close to 12 years ago now.

Tara understands hair but more importantly she understands your personality type and she can bring out the best in your hair to suit your unique style. Also important to me is that Tara is a real person, capable of having conversation if you’re in the mood. How often have you been to a salon where people inanely ask you if you’re going out that evening? Frivolous question that certainly doesn’t have any bearing on my life!

So in summary Tara makes you look and feel good about yourself so you can go out and conquer the world!

Sophie Robertson,
Career & Business Performance Coach